WHR Citizen Science is a new program designed to accelerate crowdsourcing from within the WHR community, allowing us to identify research questions, collect and analyze data, interpret results and make discoveries.

Citizen Science will function as an interdisciplinary research unit of the WHR community members. Openness will keep us responsive to societal and environmental needs while spanning disciplines to foster collaboration amongst researchers. We encourage the community to reach out with questions and curiosities, for they are the building blocks of research.


 #1 - Environmental Archive: 

Document surrounding geographical & man-made environments. Take pictures & compose a small synopsis on noteworthy observations of the environment. We encourage open submissions at all times of topics that you find interesting. At times, WHR will prompt the Citizen Program to submit regarding a specific subject.

#2 - Research: 

Share articles, white papers, and other media of interest. For citizen inspiration, WHR will log topics on the WHR website, and when available, the team will deep dive into and provide further research to submissions.

#3 – Usage Log: 

Document the life of your products and provide product feedback. We aim to build products that are loved and last forever – eventually earning a patina our community wears as a badge of honor. [Link to Usage Log forum]

Email to: whrcitizenprogram@whr.institute or share on social media tagging @whr with the hashtag #WHRcitizenscience

 Citizen submissions will be logged online and curated with highlights sent out in Citizen Science newsletters periodically.